Yep, There's Now A Site Selling Jewelry For Your Thigh Gap

WOO, GIRL! THAT THIGH GAP LOOKS AMAZING! My only criticism is it seems a little plain, no?

Maybe you should drape some jewels over those hot, skinty leggies and jazz up what Dave Matthews/all English speakers call “the space between.”

Thanks to Singaporean designer Soo Kyung Bae, you can finally decorate that gap with her line of jewelry made just for the body part (or lack thereof) women long for so desperately.

Thigh Gap Jewellery

Not you, though. You have a thigh gap. Thank GOD. Visit Bae's site, which launched on March 22, and order one of her pieces.

Each of the pieces is 18-karat gold plated over sterling silver or bronze, and they're all ca-yoot as hell.

Thigh Gap Jewellery

Although each piece is a little pricey and takes two weeks to ship, it's so worth the time and money just to draw attention to the portion of your lower bod where the strong breeze blows.

Thigh Gap Jewellery

But wait, you may discover when you head to check out and pay for your items, you aren't actually able to purchase the jewelry.

The checkout button on the website redirects shoppers to another site, There, the site tells readers,

TGap Jewellery is a fictional company that sells jewelleries designed for thigh gaps. It is launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays.

Ahaaa… so… no thigh-gap jewels then? Apparently not. Bae told Dezeen,

Thigh gap represents one of the first few trends regarding body ideals the media has [popularized]... By using outrageous products, I hope to bring a provocative jolt that leads us to ponder and reflect upon what we are like as a society and the absurd things we value and obsess over – as well as how this creates unnecessary pressure for women and girls.

She added,

I hope it leads to more people-centred, people-loving conclusions.

Breaking down the insane expectations and pressures placed on women to warp their already beautiful bodies into the closest representations of one unattainable ideal is always a great cause to support.

For the women among us whose bone structures blessed them with naturally occurring thigh gaps, the wait for sleek, expensive adornments continues.

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