The Potato This Girl Gave Her BF May Just Be The Most Romantic Gift Ever


Something tells me this is more than just a spudding romance.

It's an old McGovern family tradition if you've got your eye on a lass, bury a potato for a week and present it to her with the dirt still fresh on it.

If she eats the whole thing right then and there, you should marry within a fortnight.

If not, throw the potato into a crowd. Whoever it hits is now your betrothed.

One incredible boyfriend posted on Reddit the "unique" gift his girlfriend had promised to give him.

Unexpectedly, he received a potato, which I think is the perfect way to send the message, "I love french fries more than you."

JK! Of course, the potato also had the following message written on it,

I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart.

Well, the first clause is great because it's saying she's not a low-key arsonist.

The second clause is even better, because it's the sweetest thing ever written in the English language (sorry, Shakespeare).

Of course, this guy loved his tater of a gift, writing,

Laughed pretty damn hard, definitely a first for me.

May there be many more potatoes to come!

Yeah, this would definitely be a first for anyone receiving a potato randomly (except my future wife).

Well, if you want to send your own potato message, head on over to Potato Parcel. They'll hook you up (although sending one to someone you've started to date might not lead to a hookup).

I, of course, would be flattered, so feel free to start sending me texts exclusively via tots.

One thing's for sure: This potato will never be a wedge in their relationship.

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