Man With Cancer Marries Fiancée In Moving Ceremony Just Before He Dies (Video)

When Caleb Hanby visited the dentist in the hope of healing a muscle issue causing pain in his jaw, the doctor discovered the source of his pain was cancer.

As Hanby received chemotherapy treatments for his rhabdomyosarcoma, his girlfriend of a year, Bethany Davidson, stood by him. By August, the couple was engaged, but wedding plans were soon derailed when the majority of savings were needed to cover Hanby's medical care.

A caring friend entered the pair in a radio contest, and sure enough, the couple beat out 7,500 contestants for the grand prize of $100,000 for a dream wedding.

With the wedding date of October 11 fast approaching, Hanby's health continued to decline. Last week, the groom-to-be took a turn for the worse and landed in intensive care.

Concerned he would not make it to the set date, the couple, their families and hospital staff threw a spontaneous ceremony.

Doctors and nurses filled out the wedding party, and family stood by as the Hanby and Davidson made it official.

A friend filmed the union and shared it on Facebook. During her vows, Davidson told Hanby,

You've taught me more about love in this last year than I ever thought was possible… I am honored to have you as my husband. No matter how much time we have together, you will always be the love of my life.

On Thursday morning, the 28-year-old died with his wife and family at his bedside.

The new Mrs. Hanby told The Tennessean,

We didn't want to get married because we had to. It was because we wanted to.
The sweetest wedding you ever did see!! Mr. & Mrs. Hanby 9.24.15 Posted by Brittney Woodard on Thursday, September 24, 2015


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