Teens Are Competing In Viral 'Cup Blowing Challenge' And The Vids Are Hypnotic


The internet is at it again.

Stacking cups to the tune of a catchy song is so yesterday, guys.

Why stack cups with your hands when you could just blow on them and let them stack themselves?!

Teens on social media have discovered how wildly amusing it is to simply blow on a stack of cups. Then they watch the magic  — or science or whatever this is — do the rest.

We may not be good at many things, but coming up with time-wasting, pointless challenges? We're experts.


Don't speak too soon, dude. There's still about nine months left in 2017.


Impress your friends...

Or your coworkers in between shifts...

...or your dog, who doesn't know what a cup is, or why you're screaming.

The key seems to be getting a good spin on the cups before blowing on them.

Wow, people are hyped about this.

Just be wary — your friends will definitely troll you and snap a pic of you looking like this:


Or you can just troll the whole internet with your own ~spin~ on the challenge (see what I did there?).

Maybe don't put any water in the cups (though I thought that kind of went without saying).

If you can't seem to get it on your first couple tries, don't fret...

...As the saying goes, practice makes perfect

...or, you know, sometimes it doesn't.

Maybe it's just not for everyone?


The stakes have gotten so high, people are actually cheating.

Not cool, bro.

It's hard to tell whether our constant influx of new internet challenges means we millennials are infinitely creative, or we simply have too much time on our hands.

Well, it doesn't HAVE to be just one or the other, right?

If you're attempting The Cup Blowing Challenge yourself, just remember to take deep breaths in between tries so you don't pass out during the challenge (and then go viral for the wrong reasons).

Happy, um, cup blowing!

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