This Teen's Reaction To Her Mom Playing Pokémon Go Is Too Funny


It's official. Pokémon Go has taken over the entire world, and now we get to sit back and watch.

If you thought parents were immune from the addicting qualities of Pokémon hunting, then think again. In the latest installment of people losing all sense of normalcy thanks to Pokémon Go, a teen took a video of her parents engaging in activities that you'd typically expect from a 12-year-old. The girl took a Snapchat video of her parents acting like little kids and her reaction at the end of it makes the whole scenario equal parts hilarious and adorable.

As it turns out, this teen isn't the only one to lose her parents to an app. On Twitter, children of all ages report their parents have become full pokéfanatics as well.

Of course she does!

I think you know what's happening, Sandra.

Lighten up, Angie. Your mom definitely had a gaming life before you were born.

Life is awesome.

And the best mom of the year award goes to...

This is why Pokémon Go might be the greatest unifier of all. No generation will be left unturned until every man, woman and infant is hunting down Pikachu through his or her phone.

Watch the video above to see the teen's super honest reaction for yourself.

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