Teen Films Moment Raccoon Steals His Phone, Savage Internet Sides With Raccoon

Raccoons are sneaky little guys, and they'll outsmart you in a second if you rub them the wrong way.

Trust me: In college, I became a freakin' raccoon expert.

My school was in the mountainous sticks of North Jersey, and our campus was a haven for the fuzzy bandits.

We lived in a constant state of fear that one would pop out of the garbage cans at any given moment to steal our snacks -- but we were never fearful that they would steal our phones, until now.

Guy Williams, a 19-year-old student at Bellarmine University, was recording a raccoon on his campus Tuesday night moments before it grabbed his cell and ran into the woods.

Williams told Buzzfeed News that the raccoon hangs around his campus quite often, and when he and his friends saw the furry visitor, he decided to film it.

Little did he know he would capture footage of the raccoon thief snatching his cell phone.

Needless to say, the scene he caught is pretty hilarious, and he posted it on Twitter.

The video begins with the curious thief sniffing out the scene in preparation for the cell phone robbery.

When the raccoon discovers the device, he quickly grabs it and takes off with impressive speed.


You can see his fuzzy little legs scurrying through the grass, with voices in the background frantically screaming, "Stanley!"

In case you were wondering, that's the name Williams chose for the raccoon minutes before the animal turned on him, according to Buzzfeed.

@ThatShamuGuy I was so shook... idk what I thought security was gonna do about it — Guy Williams (@ThatShamuGuy) October 12, 2016

Fear not though, my friends, because Williams was apparently reunited with his beloved phone after Stanley dropped it on his way into the woods.

As expected, Twitter is finding the video of the raccoon thief funny AF, and most people are actually supporting the little guy's choice to run away with the cell.

The video already has over 48,000 retweets.



"He's so cute and fluffy and soft."


Hopefully Williams learned his lesson and won't trust a raccoon near his cell phone the next time one's hanging around campus.