Teen Catches Dad Masturbating To Her Sex Talk With Friend In Viral Story

Long before the days of wireless cell phones, eavesdropping on your family members was as easy as picking up one of the house phones.

I mean seriously, how else do you think your snooping little brother always seemed to know that you had a crush on that cute guy in your math class?

Or how did your parents knew about your plans to sneak out at midnight long before you lifted your window latch?

Yep, having your nosy family members listen in on your phone conversations can feel like a serious invasion of privacy.

However, one girl's father did something far worse than listen to the latest gossip as he eavesdropped on his daughter's intimate phone conversation.

That's right. We recently came across a post written by an anonymous 17-year-old girl on Quora that relayed the teen's story of catching her dad masturbating to her sex talk.

Yeah, talk about one seriously screwed up dad.

Apparently, the teen was having a steamy conversation about sex with her friend.


The conversation heated up as the teen dished out all of the hot and steamy details about her sexual encounters.

However, as the two discussed their bedroom fantasies and devious sexual desires their conversation was suddenly interrupted with a moaning sound.

That's when the teen realized there had been an uninvited listener on the line.

It turns out that moan belonged to her father, who was not only listening to her conversation, but getting off to her sex talk.

In the post, she writes,

I heard a moan during our conversation. Turns out my father was listening in on our phone call and masturbating. Then the next day, he gets mad at me for being sexually active. And all I could think about is, “You sick fuck!'

Apparently, some skeptical readers asked the teen how she knew her father had been masturbating to her private conversation.

The teen explained that she realized her disgusting dad had been jerking off to their phone call because, as she explains, "[D]uring our convo, there was more than one moan. There were a couple times when we both asked each other what that noise was."


It turns out that getting hot and bothered over his daughter's phone conversations isn't the only grossly inappropriate thing this dad did either.

Apparently, the teen also discovered a tiny, hidden video camera in the bathroom of her home that was linked to a VCR stashed in her father's computer room that recorded the hidden videos.


She told her mom about the shocking discovery in the bathroom.

When confronted about the recording device, the father simply said he was trying to catch her 14-year-old sister doing drugs in the bathroom.


However, the teen noted that she found his reason especially odd because her sister had never done drugs before.

The mother somehow forgave the father for his vile behaviors, but eventually ended up divorcing this sick and twisted father.

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