Town Hosts Beautiful Wedding For 18-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer And His GF

You guys saw "A Walk to Remember," right? Because there are some really touching, early 2000s Mandy Moore vibes coming from this story.

Meet Luke Blanock, an 18-year-old from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. When he was 16, he was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewing's sarcoma. And now, as of last week, he is a husband, after the whole town came together to throw a wedding for Luke and his girlfriend, Natalie Britvich.

Luke's GoFundMe page, set up by his father, Kurt Blanock, raised nearly $8,000. According to a report by ABC News, the wedding was attended by about 200 people across the town and featured over 120 dozen cookies.

Based on the photos from Luke and Natalie, it looks like it was a very beautiful ceremony.

The couple shared a dance as newlyweds, and you can see the pure happiness on their faces.

The caption from Natalie reads,

I can't thank everyone enough for the sweet posts and support. This was the best night of my life. WOO IM A BLANOCK!!! Guess this means I need to change my username...

Their wedding planner told ABC News Luke was "high energy" and "glowing" that night.

Huh? What? No, I'm not crying.

Maybe YOU'RE crying, but I'm sure not.

Fine, I'm crying. It's really beautiful, OK? Congratulations, Luke and Natalie.

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