These Women Rowed 9,200 Miles In A Record-Breaking Trip Across The Pacific


After more than nine months at sea, a group of British rowers finally touched down in Cairns, Australia.

The female rowers, dubbed the Coxless Crew, set off from San Fransisco in April of last year to cross the Pacific Ocean in a 29-foot rowboat. The three crew members, Laura Penhaul, Natalia Cohen and Emma Mitchell, completed their ambitious 9,200-mile journey in three legs, with rowers Isabel Burnham, Lizanne van Vuuren and Meg Dyos each joining as a fourth rower for one leg of the trip.

The trans-Pacific trip took 257 days to complete, approximately three months longer than the brave women estimated. Throughout the course of the journey, the women worked two-hour shifts in pairs, each sleeping only 90 minutes at a time.

They reportedly ate 5,000 calories per day, subsisting mainly off freeze-dried food and protein bars, and encountered everything from fierce tropical storms to near-misses with humpback whales.

The team of women broke two world records: one for becoming the first four-person team to row across the Pacific and the second for being the first all-female crew to do the same.

The journey raised funds for Walking With The Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

Check out some photos from their trip below.

The Coxless Crew spent the duration of their epic voyage aboard a tiny, 29-foot rowboat.

The 9,200-mile trip was completed in three legs, with stops in Hawaii and Samoa.

The journey took a full 257 days to complete…

...and the crew described the once-in-a-lifetime experience as “overwhelming.”

The incredible experience was filmed by director Sarah Moshman for a documentary called “Losing Sight of Shore.”

You can also read more about the record-setting journey on the Coxless Crew blog.

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