Woman Thanks Teacher On Facebook Years Later

Being a teacher is often a thankless job.

You spend a lot of your own money on school supplies.

You spend countless unpaid hours doing lesson plans and grading work. You aren't even paid enough for the hours they do pay you for.

To top it off, parents are pretty much the worst. Everyone thinks they're an expert when it comes to education because, hey, we all went to school, right?

Once and a while though, a teacher will hear they did something to change their student's life -- and that's probably what makes the job all worth it.

One woman found her old teacher on Facebook just to reach out and say thank you.

The woman thanked her teacher for coming into school early just to let her into the computer lab, letting it become her homeroom and keeping it open for her during lunch.

STEM is a curriculum that hopes to educate students in science, technology, engineering and mathmatics.

With more and more students encouraged to enter these fields, the future of the United States is becoming more promising.

And that future includes women who, statically, often out-perform men in such fields.

Thanks to her kind teacher, she's now a Director of Hadoop Data Engineering and Development.

The original poster of the image wrote,

She's an older retired lady now though so it's entirely possible she won't respond for a bit. I promise to update if she responds though.

In the evening, her teacher finally did respond.


What would you say to your one teacher who changed you life?

I'll never forgot my favorite teacher. I still remember her shouting,

Hope, please stop opening and closing the doors and windows with your mind!

Apparently, normal children do not have these powers. She taught me how to fit in.

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