Jesse Morrow

This New Temporary Tattoo Can Actually Tell How Much Alcohol You've Had

This new temporary tattoo is certainly unlike anything else of its kind.

We're used to seeing chic Instagram-worthy temporary tattoos like this...

But this new one is a total game-changer.

According to The Daily Dot, researchers at University of California, San Diego have created a temporary tattoo that can monitor how drunk you really are.

How awesome is that?!

An invention like this is definitely a monumental step in the fight against drunk driving.

This is how the cool device works:

The temporary tattoo has a magnetic electronic board attached to it, which tracks the amount of alcohol in your sweat. Your alcohol level results are then transferred directly to your cell phone through Bluetooth.

No more guessing — your level of drunkness is right there in front of you to see.

When you're hitting up a bar with friends, you can easily keep a record of how much you've had to drink throughout the night.

The stats will be readily available, so you'll know if you're good to get behind the wheel... or if you should take an Uber home.

The Daily Dot reports these disposable tattoos are for one-time use only, and research is still in progress.

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