People Are Actually Tattooing Freckles On Their Face As Part Of A New Trend

As a kid, I was always pretty self-conscious about my freckles.

My abundance of freckles often made me feel like a human-sized version of "Connect The Dots."

This feeling was usually exacerbated by my siblings drawing constellations on my arms and legs to pass the time during long car rides.

It took me a long time to finally embrace my spots and view them as a feature that made me unique, rather than some sort of polka-dotted freak.

While I no longer resent the little spots scattered across my fair skin, I'll admit, I would probably still sell my soul in exchange for a clear, flawless complexion.

However, it turns out freckles tend to be one of those classic features that fall into the "you always want what don't have" category.

Yep, it turns out a lot of freckle-less people want a sprinkling of spots so badly, they actually deck their faces out in faux freckles.

I'm not just talking about makeup freckles, either.

Many freckle-seekers are taking a more permanent approach to the faux freckle beauty fad by tattooing freckles onto their faces!

That's right. Freckle tattooing is making its mark as one of the fastest growing beauty trends on Instagram right now.

If you're not familiar with freckle tattooing, it's a cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses subtle pigments to dot your face with some inky accents that look natural.

You can use this semi-permanent makeup procedure to add a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of your nose...

...or you can unleash your inner cheetah and scatter chic spots across your entire face.

Freckle tattooing can even be used to give your natural freckles a bolder-looking appearance that really makes them stand out.

If you're wondering how long your spots will last, these semi-permanent freckle tattoos tend to have a shelf-life of about two years and subtly fade over time.

Plus, the best part about these bad boys is that unlike makeup freckles, you don't have to worry about sweating your fake freckles off on a hot summer's day or accidentally leaving streaky remnants of your spots on your boyfriend's pillowcase.

Seriously, thanks to this new tattoo technique, the freckle possibilities are pretty much endless.

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