The Reason This Tattoo Artist Is Doing Free Ink Will Warm Your Heart

by Kate Ryan

Brian Finn is doing his part to make the world a better place -- one free tattoo at a time. Working out of his shop in Ohio, Finn spends one day a week giving free tattoos to survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking and self-harm.

It's not the typical deal you see posted in your average tattoo parlor window, and it's helping survivors heal physically and emotionally.

It all started when, in October of 2015, clients started coming in looking to cover up their violence-related scars. The only problem was they couldn't afford to pay for the extensive work.

So Finn, who's been doing tattoos for 17 years now, decided to give them ink free of charge. He said,

It's just something I can do that won't take much time that can make a big impact on other people. A tattoo can help disguise the scars, so… it's like a new chapter.

It doesn't hurt, either, that the tattoos he does for free are gorgeous. Take, for example, this one he did to help someone with self-inflicted scars.

Kudos to you, Brian Finn. It takes people like you to make the world a way better place.

For more examples of his inspiring work, check out his Instagram page here.

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