Taco Bell Dropped Some Major Crunchwrap News And Twitter Is Going Wild


Taco Bell fans are losing their minds after the fast food chain announced a new addition to its menu. Here's a hint: It involves beefing up the chain's signature Crunchwrap -- literally.

It's called the Triple Double Crunchwrap and it features not one, but TWO layers of delicious seasoned beef, salsa, lettuce, nacho sauce and a tostada. All of that goodness is wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

Now, even if you're not a Taco Bell fan or don't believe in eating fast food, you have to admit -- this Triple Double Crunchwrap masterpiece sounds REALLY good.

Taco Bell is also offering a spicy edition of the new Crunchwrap featuring fresh-cut jalapeños and spicy ranch.

As expected, the Internet absolutely LOST IT when news regarding the new menu item broke on Twitter. The results? Stoners, fast food enthusiasts and hungry humans everywhere are ready to indulge.

Check out the Crunchwrap craving tweets below.

Taco Bell fans everywhere went wild when the fast-food chain announced the latest addition to its menu: the Triple Double Crunchwrap.

Despite their healthy-eating habits throughout the summer season, most Taco Bell fans are willing to push that all aside for a chance to try the new Crunchwrap.


After all, this might be the only thing you actually NEED to ensure this summer's a memorable one...

Even casual Taco Bell lovers want in on the goodness.

It makes sense as to why people are going to crazy over it. The Triple Double Crunchwrap is basically the Crunchwrap on STEROIDS.

A few fans couldn't even wait until this weekend. They had to get their hands on it ASAP.


Hm, I'm starting to think Taco Bell might have actually made history with this one. This is convincing.

For those of you who doubted Taco Bell this whole time, think again.

Priced at a cool $3.49 each, Taco Bell's new Triple Double Crunchwrap (including the spicy version) is now available for rapid consumption by stoners, loyal Taco Bell-lovers and most sane human beings everywhere. Rejoice!

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