A Gorgeous Sunset Was Ruined By This Giant Penis-Shaped Cloud


Is there anything more majestic than a huge, fluffy penis cruising through the sky at dusk?

I hope not.

The sun was totally cockblocked by this phallic cloud in Miami, Florida the other day.

What would have been a lovely sunset suddenly became very sexual, and I don't know how to feel about it (probably strangely aroused).

The floating dick cloud was caught on camera by a few passing girls who really couldn't keep it together. Watch the video and giggle with them:

Avid penis-spotter Samantha Meazaros described the delightful scene.

According to Mashable, she said,

My friends and I were on our way home from getting pizza and were stopped at a red light. I looked over to my mom to tell her something and noticed the cloud formation in the corner of my eye. I then mentioned (shouted) about it to my mom and friends that there was a quite unique cloud formation to their left. We all then started laughing so hard that we had to pull over, and that's when I pulled out my camera and started recording the 'breathtaking' view.

But, this isn't the first time Mother Nature has been violated. It turns out a lot of places have got wood.

Don't even get us started on these dirty dogs.

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How about this erotic island...

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...or this naughty neighborhood?

A few years ago I was on an east coast tour with a band and we had a show in Charlotte. I had a friend that lived in a suburb called Huntersville, so we crashed at his place. The next morning I woke up to take a quick jog and used Runkeeper to track it like I usually do. Upon finishing the run, I looked at the app and I noticed the streets of his neighborhood bared a striking resemblance to a schlong. Today while I was out running, it occurred to me that I never shared this image with the world. Here are the coordinates (of the tip): 35°23'50.1"N 80°54'30.0"W

Finally, here's a snowblower that'll leave you confused and horny.

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