These 9 Subtle Ways People Show Their Insecurities Will Make You Rethink Everything

Insecurities. We've all got them. It's a fact of human nature to be constantly evaluating and rethinking your every move... right? I mean, surely someone has conducted a study on hours lost to laying awake at night rehearsing the sick comeback you just came up with to tell your third grade frenemy.

While we all have insecurities, that doesn't necessarily mean we want the entire world to know about it. But how do we know when we're coming across like an insecure fool? Amateur anthropologists came out of the woodwork on Wednesday after one Reddit user asked,

What instantly screams insecurity to you?

Here are their notes taken from whole lifetimes of work in the field.

You all know this girl.

You all know this guy.

You all know this parrot.

Reverse psychology at its best.

This type is also known as a stage-five clinger.

Chill, bro.

Fact: 87 percent of one-uppers cry themselves to sleep every night.

Don't be that texter.

You mean "joint insecurity" accounts?