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Sub-Instagram Commenting Is About To Be Social Media's Favorite Way To Troll

Trolls: You're going to have to get creative.

Instagram has rolled out a feature today that makes it harder for people to be mean in the comments section.

Users can choose to have comments moderated by blocking those which include inappropriate words.

You can choose your own list of words or stick to Instagram's default list. Comments posted under your pics which include one of the words you have listed will automatically not be visible.



It won't completely wipe Instagram of trolling, just weed out the ones who are terrible at it.

The only angry comments you'll be getting now will be of a passive-aggressive nature.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said in a blog post,

The beauty of the Instagram community is the diversity of its members. All different types of people — from diverse backgrounds, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and more — call Instagram home, but sometimes the comments on their posts can be unkind. To empower each individual, we need to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment. It's not only my personal wish to do this, I believe it's also our responsibility as a company. So, today, we're taking the next step to ensure Instagram remains a positive place to express yourself.

To get this working, tap the gear symbol in the top right of the screen. Under "Comments," slip the "Hide Inappropriate Comments" switch.


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