This "Stud" Kitten Wearing A Little Sweater Is Way Cooler Than We'll Ever Be

by Brenda Santana

If a dude wearing a tiny sweater casually winked at you, you'd probably get a little weirded out.

But if an adorable kitten wearing an equally cute tiny sweater winked at you, you'd probably melt because of the cuteness overload.

Arlo is a precious kitten who hates feeling cold. His owner, Twitter user @eden_boor, decided to help Arlo combat the elements by making him a little yellow sweater, and she shared a few pics of the kitten rocking his stylish new digs.

"I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn't get chilly with the A/C on and now he thinks he's a stud," Eden Tweeted along with two pics, one of which shows Arlo winking because he's so darn warm and happy.

Eden tweeted the sweet pictures on June 25, and since then, the post has received over 60,000 retweets and thousands of replies.

Mr. Steal your girl.


Too. Much. Cuteness!

One user depicted Arlo as a human in a fan drawing...

... and another decided to use Eden's creation as inspo for her own cat.

At this point, you're probably obsessed with Arlo and never want the feline cuteness to end. Whenever you're in need of your dose of the kitten, you can just head over to his Instagram page where you can see him:

Rocking his new stripped sweater...

Playing Peek-a-boo in his mom's purse...

... and just being adorable!

Arlo is more than meets the eye. The kitten is not only a fan of fashion and melting hearts on the internet, but he's also a big fan of jazz music.

Okay, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to follow Arlo on all of his social media accounts. I think I might even make myself one of those nifty sweaters, too. If it's good enough for "Stud Kitten," it's good enough for me!