Straight Women Touch Another Straight Woman's Vagina For The First Time

by Gillian Fuller

Every woman above a certain age has had her vagina touched by someone other than herself, be it a partner, a friend or the trusty ol' gynecologist.

Not every woman, however, has touched another woman's vagina (at least, not every straight woman).

As a social experiment, the folks over at Freakin' Original rounded up a group of self-professed straight ladies to do just that.

The participants each took turns feeling up one (very self-assured) volunteer's lady bits. The virgin vagina-touchers were then asked to describe their experience.

While all of the women were far more mature than men would be in the same situation (Can you even imagine dudes feeling each other up?), it's clear some were a bit put off by the task. One somewhat awkwardly compared the volunteer's vagina to a “croissant, but more delicious” while another said she'd be unlikely to ever touch another vagina again.

Whomp, whomp.

Watch the highly entertaining video up top and see more from Freakin' Original here.