Straight Girls Explain Why They Sometimes Have Sex With Other Girls (Video)


Everyone's sexuality lies on a spectrum: Not everyone is strictly “straight” or “gay,” as the binary terminology has long suggested.

For those with a single, definite sexual preference, this can be confusing — which is exactly why YouTube star Jaclyn Glenn created a video asking straight women to talk about their experiences sleeping with gay (or bi) women.

The interesting video (posted in February) provides some insight into why traditionally “straight” women experiment with other females, and as you'll see, the reasons vary — from curiosity, to boredom, and everything in between.

Glenn's pal, YouTuber Arielle Scarcella, posted a similar video at the same time, asking lesbian women about sex with straight women. (So much sex!)

So, if you're intrigued by the wonderful world of lesbian sex — or just want to hear a bunch of women recount their sexual experiences — check out the videos below. I promise you this: You won't be bored.

Straight women on sleeping with gay women:

Lesbian women on sleeping with straight women:

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