Little Boy Gives Mom Stern Punishment In Hilarious Note About Bedtime


Boy, you really blew it this time, mom. There's no going back from this. Game over.

I don't know what this mom did, but it was enough to incur the wrath of her young one.

Now, there's hell to pay.

He let his feelings out in a very aggressive note. It reads,

Mommy, Don't come read with me. I am mad at you. And I will tuck my own self in. Sinserly, Owen.

The boy wrote the note in cold blue ink, in order to match his mom's icy heart.


The note was posted on Reddit by user "leability," with the caption,

My cousin got her mommy privileges revoked for tonight.

This letter has actually been stirring up some pretty traumatic memories for Reddit users. One said,

If I ever threatened to run away, my mom would just tell me to go. She'd even stand in the doorway and wave. It was brutal but it worked.

Another commented,

My mom was the same. One time, knowing I was only at the end of the drive, she put up a "son wanted" sign. I was home by lunch.

See, Owen? We feel your pain.