This State's Favorite Emoji Is The Eggplant, According To Hilarious New Study

Think about it: When was the last time you sent a text message without an emoji? It's almost unfathomable to consider conducting a conversation without a cute little icon.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the thumbs up emoji when I have to agree to something like directions or meet-up times.

Of course, I can't forget about my favorite emoji: the shark. I'm always really pumped for Shark Week, no matter the month, so now that it's an acceptable season to use the great white in every other text, you should definitely brace yourself if you have my number.

But my favorite emojis might not be equal to my counterparts across the country — like those who are oh so fond of the eggplant — so that's where comes in.

The site conducted a year-long study beginning May 2016 polling people in each state about their most-Googled emoji, and the results are pretty funny.

Zoë Meeken, community outreach specialist for, told Elite Daily, "I think (and hope) people will see the fun in this data piece. We tried to discover the emojis most used and then who is looking for them online. I think some states are reflected in their emoji result."

The top emoji search is the smiley face with heart eyes, which proves to be a glimmer of hope throughout the grim first six months of 2017. Apparently, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin are glass-half-full kind of states.

Tied for first with the heart eyes smiley, we have the thumbs up symbol (woohoo!) with Maine and Vermont leading the way.

The tears of joy emoji comes in respectably at second place for states in the middle of the country.

Our bronze medalist is the poop emoji. We're not sure what you're eating Nevada, Oklahoma, Iowa, and West Virginia, but we sure hope you have some Tums on hand. Judging from the website's findings, things can get pretty sh*tty in those four states... in terms of emoji usage, that is.

New York was a big fan of the "see no evil" emoji where the monkey is covering his eyes, while people in the capital are awfully fond of the smirking smiley (any indication about our current political situation?). West Coast residents in Cali were all about the raised hands.

Oh, you're still wondering about that eggplant, right?

South Carolina, according to, is the only state winning for the eggplant search.

"South Carolina was a surprise," Meeken told Elite Daily. "The eggplant emoji is most commonly used for, let's say adult conversations."

Well, well, well, South Carolina. Is there something we should know?

Check out the map to see where your favorite emoji stacks up.

Maybe you'll think twice before using your go-to smiley in the future. Happy texting, you emoji-lovin' conversationalists.