These Are The People Porn Stars Think Would Make Good Presidents


All I can say is thank God porn stars don't have their own state with primary votes to dole out in the upcoming presidential election.

Adult film actresses and actors live fairly normal lives when they're not on set. They grocery shop like we all do, get their taxes done like we do, deal with parking tickets and probably even have strong opinions on “Lost” like we all do. It's like that concept of "Stars! They're just like us!", but instead of Jennifer Lawrence shopping at Walmart between shoots of “The Hunger Games,” it's Ron Jeremy going to the post office after starring in “The Horny Dames” (a parody of "The Hunger Games" featuring Ron Jeremy and a bunch of… horny dames).

They also vote like we all do, and if this video by WoodRocket is indicative of the porn community as a whole, if you're someone who's doing sex stuff on camera, there is a good chance you are all for making Mexico build a wall on the US border. That or you're feeling the Bern (IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE! HIYO!!! JK, the porn industry goes through a lot of health and safety precautions to make sure its workers are protected from sexually transmitted diseases. The industry is doing the lord's work here).

Here are the vote totals from small the porn star primary held in this video.

Donald Trump: 5 Bernie Sanders: 5 “My pussy”: 1 Bill Nye: 1