Porn Stars Reveal The Most Common Mistakes Men Make During Sex


Take it from the sexperts, men. You've probably been doing sex stuff wrong.

There is one major downside to this video, and it's that these are maybe the least sexy British accents of all time. British porn stars sound like every cockney British cop or chimney sweep to be featured on camera.

It's like right before these stars got on camera, they burnt their mouths on soup they were eating on the set of “Spice World.”

And I'm not talking about the porn version of “Spice World,” which probably has just the same name. I'm talking about the actual “Spice World,” the movie with the Spice Girls where the dialogue is a mumbly British mess, but the dance moves are on point.

So, watch this video by AskMen. There is a good chance you're going to have to rewind it a few times because, for the life of me, I couldn't understand a solid third of this. You should definitely watch it anyway.

Worst-case scenario, you give your girl a bloody all right shag. Salute her guvna. Treacle her pudding. Union her Jack. Bob her uncle.