Starbucks' New Violet Drink Is Easy To Make At Home: Here's What You'll Need


When Starbucks released their new Violet Drink as part of the Cups of Kindness collection, the coffee-loving world went a little crazy for the new flavor (myself included).

However, we couldn't help but think to ourselves: "Why is called the Violet Drink, though?"

Is it because the drink tastes like violets? Or is it just because the drink is light purple in color?

Starbucks' website answers the latter of the questions, and claims everything used to make the drink creates "violet-hued" sips. In other words, there are no floral violets involved in the making of this drink.

So... what is involved in making the drink, then?

That, my friends, is the question of the hour.

Fortunately, I've used my Starbucks detective skills and discovered what exactly is involved in making the Violet Drink, and it looks like you'll have no problem making it at home.

Let's start with the ingredients Starbucks has listed on their site that make the Violet Drink such a refreshing, berry-licious beverage.

Apparently, the Violet Drink is made from combining Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers with creamy coconut milk, and adding a little bit of ice with some crumbled blackberries on top.

That seems easy enough... right?


Okay, maybe the Violet Drink you're going to make at home won't look as pretty as the picture above, but it's still worth a try.

Basically, all you'll need to make the Violet Drink in your kitchen are the following: berry-flavored juice or iced tea (tea might give it a caffeinated kick, so I'd go with that), coconut milk, ice cubes, and blackberries.

You can literally buy all of these things at your local grocery store.

Once you have the ingredients together, all you'll need to do is mix your berry tea with coconut milk, pour it over ice cubes, and add a few muddled blackberries on top.

And, viola! You'll have your own version of the Starbucks Violet Drink!


If you're feeling adventurous and hope to copy the recipe without experimenting with different berry teas and juices, you can actually buy Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers at the store and use it in your drink.

In fact, it's available on Amazon, so you won't even have to leave your house to buy it.


Buy your a bulk order of Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers here for $34.09. You'll get enough to make 36 drinks, which is even more than you'll need if you make your own every day of the month.

However, if you're lazy like me, you might be better off just going to Starbucks and buying one. Either way, enjoy!