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This Starbucks Barista Did The Sweetest Thing For A Deaf Customer

Starbucks sucks, but this barista is pretty cool.

Let's get one thing very straight: I think there are few companies in America worse than Starbucks.

It takes a real special group o' buttholes to throw some water onto a few coffee beans, add foam and then charge customers $8. What? Just because you play Fiona Apple and have a few leather couches that makes you the Taj Mahal of coffee?!

YOUR *claps* COFFEE *claps* ISN'T *claps* BETTER *claps* THAN *claps* 7-Eleven *claps* COFFEE.

As much as I hate Starbucks, this story is super sweet (unlike a Starbucks Americano, which tastes like the inside of a lemur's anus).

Oh, I gotta love this place. Starbucks woman cashier, she wrote it to me and she knew I am deaf. I am surprised she... Posted by Ibby Piracha on Friday, February 19, 2016

The barista learned sign language to help a customer?! That's pretty dang nice! OK, maybe the part where the barista gave the customer the note is a bit much, but the rest is super nice.

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