We Hope Spring Breakers Using Sea Creatures To Shotgun Beers Are Eaten By Sharks


Ignorant spring breakers are taking their boozy festivities a step too far, and people are livid.

Disturbing videos recently emerged showing college bros using sea creatures (dead and alive) to help them shotgun beers on the beach.

The mind-boggling footage has been shared on Instagram and shows careless college guys using sharks and jellyfish to help them down their cheap canned booze.


One video Total Frat Move's Instagram account shows two men using a beached shark to shotgun a can of Michelob Ultra.

(The fact they're drinking Michelob Ultra makes this even more embarrassing — but I digress.)

While one college bro holds the dead shark's mouth open, the other slams his can of beer against his teeth and chugs it.

What... the... hell?

These guys have shamelessly incorporated a dead sea creature into the their spring break drinking games without remorse, and it's concerning.

Sure, I'll be the first person to tell you I hate sharks (I'm terrified of 'em), but this video is downright horrific, and the internet agrees.

People are saying, "This shit isn't cool," and are calling the bros "disgusting assholes."


"Really disappointed that thing didn't fuckin' bite you."


This isn't the only drinking game spring breakers are playing on their trips to the beach, though.

Another upsetting video shows a college guy chugging a jellyfish from his beer can.


The gross footage on TFM Spring Break shows a man putting a jellyfish inside his beer can and then shotgunning it for the camera.

It's captioned "The jellyfish shotgun."

C'mon, man. What's the point of drinking a jellyfish? That's not cool.

More angry commenters expressed their feelings about the frat bro sucking down a sea creature from his beer can

And they think it's "super fucked up."


Many commenters believe the video expresses animal cruelty, while others have justified their actions claiming jellyfish "don't even have brains or central nervous systems" and therefore can't feel anything.

A majority of viewers think they've crossed the line — and we're going to side with them.

Keep the sea creatures out of your booze, boys.

Chugging jellyfish isn't a turn-on.

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