Social Experiment Shows Guys Are Nicer Than Women When Rejecting People (Video)

Nowhere are the differences between the sexes as obvious as they are in the dating world. When it comes to love, men and women often behave very differently.

Stereotypically, men are thought to be less emotional and more detached in love, while women are stereotypically considered kinder, gentler and more sensitive.

However, in its latest social experiment, YouTube channel whatever demonstrates the opposite is true when it comes to rejection.

The video follows a man and a woman as each flirts with and asks out random strangers on the street. The goal was to see how males and females differ in their rejection approaches.

In contrast to what you may expect, the footage shows the men who are asked out try to let the female suitor down politely while the women who are asked out -- well, not so much.

For such a lighthearted video, its results convey a pretty powerful message about gender stereotypes and assumptions: They can be dead wrong.

So if you're a lady, chill out. And next time you have to reject someone, maybe take a cue from the guys.