Snapchat Shows Teen Trying Deadly Balcony Hop

I guess "balcony hops" are all the rage for high school graduates in Australia. But they can be terrifying.

Apparently, students away on their post-graduation vacations at Schoolies have been taking their celebrations to new heights... no pun intended.

On Saturday, scary Snapchat footage emerged of a teenage girl scaling a balcony outside her hotel room. It has us on the edge of our seats.

It's been reported by Mashable that she was attempting to walk from her hotel room to the one adjacent... hence the term "balcony hopping."

The clip of her risky move was acquired by 7 News. They shared it on their Facebook page.

As you can see, this balcony wasn't just a few feet off the ground. It was extremely high, and this daring chick was only a few inches away from falling to her death. Thank goodness she was careful.

And I'm sorry, but no matter whether you're drunk or not, how in the world is this considered a good time? I feel anxious just watching her.

If you had asked me to pull a stunt like this back in high school, my answer would have been obvious:

Although the female in the video is unnamed, she has instilled fear amongst viewers for the safety of these young and reckless partiers. An onlooker in the video can be heard saying, "This isn't going to be funny when she falls."

After the video was publicized, local police allegedly issued a warning to the public.

In fact, QPS Media Unit issued a cautionary tweet to encourage students to look out for one another during their graduation celebrations.


Whoever took this Snapchat of the female scaling a high balcony from one room to another probably should've persuaded her not to do so.

Then again, Schoolies Week seems like a pretty reckless celebration. Who knows whether she would've listened.

For those of you unfamiliar with the getaway, "Schoolies Week" is celebrated by high school graduates in Australia. It's allegedly a three-week-long festival, and it starts in mid-November.

It looks like a blast, but let's just hope no more balcony hopping is attempted. If you want to visit the room next to yours, just use the damn hallway.