Savage Snapchat Story Of A Man Walking Home Lit AF Is Literally All Of Us

by Robert Anthony

What do you do when you can't get a taxi after a night out drinking? Snapchat your journey home, of course.

A 28-year-old Irish guy named Joe Troy is making headlines after he took to Snapchat to document his hilarious, drunk trek home after a night out with his buddies.


According to BuzzFeed, a completely shit-faced Troy walked about "two to three miles" in 45-degree weather over the course of an hour and a half. Joe had met up with a few friends at a pub before he decided it was time to go home. Joe said,

It ran on until about 11:30 pm and I wanted to make a friend's 21st in the next town so got out there late, had a few more drinks and just decided I wasn't going to [make] the party as I was wrecked and was to play golf early Saturday… rang a taxi and said I'd walk out of town to meet him, he got delayed a while, then it was cold and I was bored so I started snapping.

Yeah, there aren't many good things that can come out of walking an hour out of town to meet your taxi... Joe, however, got the best thing out of such a scenario: a PRICELESS Snapchat story.

First, Joe started off by saying that his effort to get home had "no cause on board, no charity, nothing registered … only [that he] cannot get a lift home."


Using the different filters on Snapchat, Joe highlighted the fact that he was moving at about 3 mph. This is going to take a while.


With quite a distance to go, Joe begins blasting classic tracks by 50 Cent, Coldplay and Outkast during his drunk journey.


After nearly giving up, Joe's carefully selected tunes helped motivate him to keep going. What an inspiration!


As expected, drunk Joe never finished his long walk home. His mom showed up to rescue him. Valiant effort, Joe!


Liquid courage will make you feel invincible... until mommy shows up.

Mom only had ONE question for him... Why couldn't he just be more like his brother?!


Behold, Joe Troy's drunk walk home in the form of an EPIC Snapchat story...

Joe says his mom has seen his legendary drunk Snapchat story on Facebook "several times" since his buddy James posted it. As for the rest of the world? Try 82,000 views.

Hey, next time you're beyond wasted and your phone battery is anywhere above 50 percent, try walking home and snapping your entire experience until mom comes to bail you out!

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