Kansas State University Finally Addresses Sorority Girl's Racist Snapchats


If you ever needed a reminder that racism is alive and well here in the good ole US of A, all you'd need to do is check out these disgusting Snapchat posts from a former KSU student.

When I say "disgusting," I mean f*cking DISGUSTING and incredibly tragic.

As a matter of fact, it's quite hard to not feel sorry for anyone who has the unfortunate opportunity to know the young women pictured in these blatantly racist social media posts.

News broke early on September 15 after an ex-sorority girl named Paige Shoemaker, a former student at Kansas State University, sent out a few offensive snaps of her and a friend, reportedly named Sadie Meier, sporting blackface.

The photo was simply captioned,

A current KSU student, presumably named Desmund, shined a giant spotlight over their overt racism on Twitter.

These girls who were making hand gestures to form a letter "W," which typically represents "west side," should probably consider forming the letter "L" next time -- for LOSERS.

Great job, children. You've "finally" earned yourself a nice shiny star on the walk of shame and despair. Your parents will be proud.

Since the news has circulated, people from all over the country are expressing their outrage and disbelief over such an offensive showing.

Now, Kansas State University is now speaking on the racist stunt in a newly issued statement.

Dr. Zelia Wiley at the university started off by stating,

It turns out Paige Shoemaker is no longer enrolled at KSU despite mixed reports. Why? It's not entirely clear.

However, the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority issued a statement to Complex clarifying that Shoemaker was "expelled" from their organization in the spring of last year.

In addition, the second racist in the photo has nothing to do with KSU.

Wiley continued,

It's good to see that SOMEONE understands how a low-life stunt like this could affect ALL people, not just one specific race. Wiley added,

While it's relieving to know that Paige Shoemaker's ignorance no longer resides on KSU grounds, it's a disappointment to the rest of the world when it is made abundantly clear that this twisted, racist mindset continues to deteriorate the minds of our youth.

When we all start to realize that most of these "sorority girls," "frat brothers" and "GDIs" are perceived to be the leaders of tomorrow, maybe we'll all be less accepting of our friend's bigoted "jokes."

Feel free to read the entire letter from KSU's interim Associate Provost for Diversity Dr. Zelia Wiley here.

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