Simple Snapchat Hack Lets You Send Pics And Videos Even Without WiFi Or Data

by Harley Tamplin

You don't like to brag, but your Snapchat game is next level.

Your selfie filters crack your friends up, they can't get enough cute pics of your pets and sometimes you even throw in a cheeky Bitmoji because you're the generous Snapchat hero the world needs.

But we've all had that deeply frustrating moment when you take the perfect pic -- only to have your dreams crushed because you have no internet.

Well, young whippersnapper, those hard times are -- thankfully -- in the past.

Snapchat has upped its game a lot over the past couple of years, and now there are a few hacks for when you just can't find 3G anywhere.

Snapchat Memories


You know that feature introduced a few months ago that you didn't really get and haven't looked at since?

It's about to become your best friend.

Once you take a picture using the app's camera, you can save it to your Memories by tapping the save icon at the bottom of the screen.

It's basically a separate camera roll for all your snaps -- that way, you won't lose it forever if you don't send it, and you can send it later when you're finally blessed with WiFi.

But beware -- if you don't send the pic within 24 hours, it will be graced with an ugly timestamp, basically letting everyone know you're a lazy snapper.

Camera Roll


Back in the day, Snapchat and your normal phone camera weren't exactly the best of pals.

But now they're best bros, and you can send any picture taken on your normal camera via Snapchat.

To do it, tap on the small circle below the photo button in Snapchat, and select the “camera roll” tab -- right next to all the pictures you've saved to Memories.

You can send any of them on Snapchat, meaning you don't have to open the app to take the photo you want to send. Boom.

Your Story Is Your Friend


Hack option three isn't perfect, as it will only post to your story rather than sending directly to your friends, but they should be checking your story anyway if they're real friends, right?

Even if a trace of internet is nowhere to be found, you can try to send a snap to your story.

Tragically, it will fail to post -- but it will remain there, ready for you to try again when you get online.

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