Snapchat Is Celebrating The Solar Eclipse With Stellar Geofilters That You'll Love


Everyone's gone a little overboard with the solar eclipse. Between lengthy horoscopes, pet horoscopes, camera how-to's, and the demand for those protective sunglasses, it's safe to say the moon is having a moment. In preparation for the Aug. 21 phenomenon, Snapchat is rolling out features to get people pumped for the highly anticipated show. Grab your cell, we'll share how to get solar eclipse Geofilters on Snapchat so you're ready to rock and roll.

Special geofilters are going to be available in different areas across the United States, which includes Geofilters specific to the path of the total eclipse. Some read "Greetings from the Path of Totality," while others show a sassy moon who's about to throw shade at the sun. Super adorable and totally appropriate for the occasion.

Not anywhere near the Path of Totality? Fear not, there are plenty of other features to enjoy. For one, Snapchat is making sure stories across the country are being featured throughout the day, and the app expects some footage to come from NASA and the Department of Interior. For those who can't get enough of the real-time Snap Map, head on over to see what your Actionmoji is up to, and you'll discover he or she is wearing protective sunglasses (a must if you want to capture the eclipse).

Courtesy of Snapchat

Don't forget about the fun inside the sticker drawer. Now is your chance to give those decals the eclipse treatment. The moon is definitely loving all of this attention.


If you're looking to capture your own moments from this highly anticipated phenomenon, that's awesome, but there are a few caveats. For one, you cannot look up without special protective glasses, and no, your Ray-Bans won't do. Make sure you're taking the proper precautions not only for your eyes but your phone's camera lens as well. Experts recommend that you use a solar filter on your camera while wearing the appropriate glasses, especially during the time before and after totality, according to The TODAY Show. Have a look at NASA's lengthy photography guide if you have any questions about how to capture this moment.

Happy Eclipse Day, everyone!