Siri Is Giving The Weirdest Responses When Asked Where To Find Prostitutes

Meltdown Toronto/Twitter

In the 21st century, you can ask your phone to find nearby sex workers — but the results won't always be accurate.

For some reason, a gaming bar in Toronto, Canada, is receiving late-night calls from men asking for sex, despite the fact it's a place where you will definitely not find prostitutes.

The reason why?

It's all because Siri, Apple's personal assistant, has been advising horny iPhone users to go there when they ask for help with getting laid (because apparently that's a thing people do).

Meltdown eSports Bar, which only opened its doors in November 2016, has randomly been associated with prostitution by Apple's algorithms.

It means Alvin Acyapan, the bar's co-owner, has had to disappoint plenty of sexually frustrated dudes, The Toronto Star reported.

He said, "I thought people were getting the wrong number, or maybe it was a prank by someone listing our phone number on some unscrupulous website."

Meltdown Toronto

Frustratingly for Acyapan, who is definitely not running a brothel, his personal cell phone doubles as the bar's phone line.

He explained he finally worked out what happened when a caller told him Siri was to blame for the influx of unwanted inquiries.

This led us here at Elite Daily to run our own tests: What happens if you ask Siri to find you prostitutes in New York City?

Elite Daily

Well, there you go.

However, if you ask for an “escort service,” Siri responds with three options, none of which are completely innocent local bars.

Acyapan said Meltdown, where gamers play and watch video games, may be involved in the hilarious mixup because there's only one letter difference between “eSports” and “escorts.”

Luckily, he's taking it in good humor.

He added, "I see the humor in it. I always thought of it as a funny anecdote to share with my friends, 'Hey, we run a bar and sometimes I get this kind of call.'"

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