Singer Gets The Hiccups During Performance

While performing the Australian National Anthem at a baseball game in Adelaide, a seven-year-old singer got unexpectedly struck by the hiccups — and it was amazing.

Ethan Hall was about to begin his rendition of “Advance Australia Fair” when the pesky hiccups hit.

Since Ethan was already on the field, microphone in hand, he couldn't turn back; the show had to go on.

So, he put on his brave face and began to sing.

Every other word of the anthem was punctuated by Ethan's embarrassed hiccups, but it didn't matter; the crowd (and the Australian Baseball League players) loved him.

They gave Ethan a standing ovation, and he even got to high five all the players before they started the game.

Watch Ethan's adorable performance up top.

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