Sexy Weather Girl's Hot Instagram Will Keep You Warm This Winter


It appears Donald Trump is inching closer and closer to actually building this border wall to separate the United States and Mexico, and if that's the case, then we better make sure we get sexy Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia on US soil before it's too late.

Garcia, who is, like, arguably the hottest woman on the planet, apparently gained some notoriety back in August. However, she's making headlines again, thanks to a recent video she posted on Instagram, in which she promotes her YouTube channel, iamYanetGarcia.

To caption the above photo, Garcia wrote,

Check out the new video on my YouTube channel iamYanetGarcia "YANET GARCIA SEXY OUTFIT" SUBSCRIBE

Spoiler: Don't walk, run to check out and subscribe to Yanet Garcia's YouTube channel, which currently has almost 250,000 subscribers.

According to Maxim, Garcia does the weather for Televisa Monterrey, and I'm going to need someone to find me a streaming link for that channel ASAP.

If the incredibly sexy Yanet Garcia isn't reason enough for you to pack your bags and head south, it's also currently 68 degrees in Monterrey, Mexico.

In any event, I think it's time for me to shut up and allow you to get warm by checking out some of the super hot photos from Yanet Garcia's Instagram page.


Yanet Garcia is reportedly a weather girl for a television network in Monterrey, Mexico.


In addition to being informative with the weather forecast, Garcia is also ridiculously hot.

Like, she's arguably one of the hottest women on the face of the planet.


Today's forecast: Uh, hot with a chance of your glasses fogging up because of all the heat Yanet Garcia is bringing.

Garcia first made headlines back in August, which is probably why she currently boasts 3.7 million Instagram followers.


Now, though, Garcia is diversifying her portfolio by posting incredibly sexy videos on her YouTube channel.

A few days ago, the sexy Mexican weather girl promoted her YouTube channel by teasing a short video of herself wearing a skimpy red outfit.


That video, entitled "YANET GARCIA SEXY OUTFIT," has racked up just shy of 1.3 million views on YouTube.

One look at Garcia's Instagram page, and it's not hard to see why this beautiful woman has skyrocketed in popularity around the globe.

Honestly, I hope the fame doesn't change Yanet Garcia. I hope she continues to post incredibly sexy photos on her public Instagram page.


It's a chilly 30-something degrees today in New York City, but for some reason, there's a puddle of sweat under my desk.


Please don't do anything stupid, Donald Trump. Please.

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