Sex Shop Displays 'Nativity Scene' Dildos In Window

Around the holidays, it's common to come across the nativity scene more times than usual.

You'll see it in Christmas displays inside homes, on porches adorned with holiday decorations and in the front window of your local sex shop painted onto a set of dildos.

Wait a second... HOLD UP.


Is that Baby Jesus painted onto a ceramic penis lying in his cradle above a fake ballsack?

Yes... yes it is. Merry Christmas, freaky ones.

According to The Local Spain, a sex shop in Spain called Non Sit Peccatum recently put this religious dildo display in their window and caught some shade they certainly weren't expecting.

In a Facebook post, the store's owner, Héctor Valdivielso, allegedly stated the shop hired an artist to paint the scene of Bethlehem onto the spiritual sex toys before putting them in their window.

However, he was soon threatened to take them the ceramic sex toys off display.

Apparently, Valdivielso wrote on Facebook,

A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn't he would remove it himself.

It's been reported that even more angry citizens went as far as protesting outside the store and vandalizing the property by writing "sinners" outside.

In the Facebook post addressing the dildo issue, the owner allegedly wrote,

This year, the pieces have returned to be placed in the window, but the response has been quite different, in getting the store multitude of complaints, verbal, painted on the labels and even an attempted assault in which had to intervene the police National.

OK, everyone...

In response to the negative attention on the nativity dildo scene, the owner replaced the set with a poster that asked people passing by the vote on whether or not he should bring Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Joseph back.

Based off the results — where 78.5 percent voted to have the dildos restored — the nativity set will be "going back in the window" in no time.