20 Serial Daters Confess Why They Just Can’t Settle Down (Photos)


Finding a date is now easier than ever, thanks to all of the dating apps available out there.

We seem to have this idea that we're always just a right swipe away from finding true love.

But nowadays, the real challenge is finding a relationship that will last longer than one night.

Yep, if there's one thing this generation has mastered, it's the art of serial dating.

As a former serial dater myself, I can tell you there are all sorts of reasons we can't seem to stick to one significant other.

After going through a bad breakup, I tried to fill the void in my heart with a string of Tinder rebound dates.

One year (and over 30 first dates later), I realized this strategy does little to mend a broken heart, so I ditched my days of serial dating and started looking for a real relationship.

Some serial daters are only in it for the chase; once they win the dating game and claim their "prize," the thrill is over so they ghost their unsuspecting bae and move on to the next challenge.

Others turn to serial dating because they just hate being alone, and finally you have the players that shudder at the thought of a serious relationship because, quite frankly, commitment scares the sh*t out of them.

We recently came across confessions from a bunch of serial daters that will give you some serious insight into why certain people prefer to play the field instead of settle down in a serious relationship.

Take a look at the confessions below to see serial daters divulge their dating habits.

1. Heart breaking is a habit.

2. It's an emergency... I'm going to be late for my second date.

3. Get in line.

4. On to the next one.

5. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

6. Meet my girlfriend..."Babe."

7. I only came for the food.

8. Filling a void with Tinder dates.

9. Let's be real, serious relationships are scary AF.

10. Not a hoe, just a hypocrite.

11. Karma's a b*tch.

12. No one wants to be alone.

13. There's only room for one serial dater in this relationship.

14. Hit it and quit it.

15. I can't help it that I'm so popular.

16. Always looking for something better.

17. I'm only in it for the chase.

18. I have a serious case of dating scatterbrain.

19. Video games > Girlfriends.

20. Time to make a change.

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