People Are Scaring The Sh*t Out Of Kids With The New Snapchat Filters

There are two kinds of parents in this world: those who raise their children with love, care and raw devotion in attempts to bring well-adapted individuals into society and those who emotionally destroy their offspring by using horrifying cell phone applications to brutally terrorize the people in this world who trust them the most.

The Snapchat community is apparently the latter of the two.

Along with the ability to vomit beautiful rainbow rivers, Snapchat recently gave users the ability to transform their faces into horrifying demon creatures.

While most use this feature to send lighthearted, playful videos and pictures to their friends, family and coworkers whom they like more than other coworkers -- *cough* Dianne *cough*-- others use this update to terrify their children, ensuring years of costly therapy sessions and the inability to sleep without the lights completely on ever again.

Your parents are the real monsters here.

Good luck coming back from this, kids.

I can't wait to have children.

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