Sailors Saving This Adorable Puppy From Drowning Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

If boat trips were synonymous with finding lost puppies, a lot fewer people would invent reasons to avoid them.

Members of a sailing club felt the unbridled joy of stumbling across a pup in need during a boating excursion in the Gulf of Naples.

The crew spotted a small lab fighting against the waves. In excited Italian, the gang beckoned the dog toward the boat as her tiny legs paddled.

Either the group named the dog “Vinnie” on the spot in some sort of hive-mind-crisis reflex or I don't speak a word of Italian, despite taking three years of it in college.

In a loosely-translated interview with La Repubblica, club director Massimiliano Cappa recalled,

We approached, we were sailing and maneuvering was not easy… [The dog] was visibly exhausted, [her] legs almost paralyzed by the cold. [She] trembled and wept.

Upon returning to shore with the puppy successfully rescued, the sailors discovered her name was Noodle (così Italiano), and she fell into the Gulf during a ferry ride 20 miles west from where she was found.


Owner Mario Di Meglio was apparently taking Noodle home for the first time when she slipped from her leash and fell overboard the ferry.


The members of the ferry crew reportedly told Meglio they wouldn't stop to retrieve little Noodle as it was likely the puppy already drowned.

Luckily, she swam through the cold waters for a half hour before being spotted by the sailing club.


Reunited with her owner, Noodle received an apology from the ferry company that seriously underestimated the pup.

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