Woman Uses The Power Of Ryan Gosling's 'Hey Girl' Meme For Yard Sale


Getting people to show up to your yard to buy your wares is not an easy task. We know exactly why you're getting rid of it -- it's your junk, and it's not going to get me any fame or fortune on "Antiques Roadshow."

How am I so confident about that?

Why, my great aunt and uncle ran a flea market in Jersey.

I grew up around other people's trash, both at the flea market and in Jersey in general.

And no, one man's trash is not another man's treasure. But you can certainly trick people into coming with some hilarious signs!

I can't laugh any harder at a "yard sale" sign than when the people hosting the said yard sale misspell it.




One brilliant woman, Reddit user jbeech01, used the tactic of memes to get people talking about her yard sale.

This of course included Ryan Gosling, the Most Interesting Man in the World and Lionel Richie.

Obviously, this woman should be working in marketing, not selling her used Christmas mugs and probably vintage VHS tapes.


Now, I am a fairly firm believer that memes belong on the Internet.

But I'll give this lady a pass -- how else do you make a yard sale seem interesting?

You include some false advertisement that promises I can go shopping with Ryan Gosling.

Just think of all the nice things we could buy together. But then we would soon realize that he is, in fact, Ryan Gosling, and we can go someplace fancy to buy new products... like Pottery Barn.

Oh, how I long to go shopping with Ryan Gosling at Pottery Barn.

Plus, as an expert in yard sales and other people's trash, I know for a fact 89 percent of the objects you buy are haunted.

You never get haunted objects at Pottery Barn.

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