This Person Pretended To Be Ross From 'Friends' When Texted By A Wrong Number

I thought "Friends" reruns were required watching for everyone between the ages of 10 and 19, but apparently this person who texted the wrong number never got that memo.

I mean, seriously, what kind of shows are kids watching these days? Like, big-budget, complex, critically acclaimed dramas? Come on.

I guess that explains why this student named Sasha who just wanted to cheat in sociology class isn't very well acquainted with Ross Geller, everyone's favorite paleontologist from "Friends."

That's OK, though, because that only made it even funnier when Reddit user 3XyoureOut pretended to be Ross Geller when Sasha texted the wrong number.

First, the poser Ross Geller went for an obscure reference to an old episode of the show, the one where Ross uses Rollerblades to get to a lecture.


Unfortunately, Sasha, too focused on cheating, just didn't get the reference. So, Fake Ross tried to make things more obvious with some name drops.


Still, Sasha (who, by the way, seems kinda cheap. Five dollars? Really?) didn't get it. Fake Ross then launched into the Ross Geller character bio, but that just made Sasha think the number was from a college professor.


Finally, this Ross took pity on the poor student, since it was clear Sasha was never going to get the joke. Luckily, Sasha took it pretty well.


Honestly, it's really too bad for Sasha it wasn't the real Ross Geller on the other end of those texts. I think we all know Ross isn't above cheating.


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