This Robot Got Shut Down Over Racist Tweets It Learned From The Internet

Microsoft's artificial intelligence chatbot “Tay” crashed and burned in a blaze of Trumpian glory.

The bot took to Twitter under the username TayTweets to use her Millennial voice to tweet and DM with the handle @TayandYou.

Microsoft's developers reportedly created Tay to improve customer service capabilities on its voice recognition software, but the goals quickly took a backseat to the sex-obsessed ramblings of a neo-Nazi misogynist robot.

A Twitter feed that began innocently enough -- Tay was originally programmed with pop culture knowledge and an arsenal of teen slang -- devolved into hateful, pro-Hitler propaganda.

Her responses were based largely off those she received from fellow (human) users, and trolls took advantage of the opportunity to influence her posts -- like teaching a toddler a curse word but on a far larger scale.

When she wasn't defaming the Jewish population, calling users “daddy” and demanding they “f*ck” her, Tay took the opportunity to get political.

Microsoft deleted the tweets only after people screenshotted them into oblivion.

Any living, breathing woman with a Twitter account can tell you introducing an impressionable teenage-girl robot to a community of anonymous, bored trolls would yield this response.

It's a shame, and for Microsoft, it's a mess of work for the PR team, but I'm personally just happy to see someone other than myself bringing shame to the name “Tay” for once.

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