Stoned Girl Blows Her Own Mind After Realizing Her Shadow Looks Like Rihanna


Have you ever been so high you realized something you'd probably never realize if you weren't stoned?

I'm a good boy. I don't smoke weed. But if I did, I'd imagine I would have definitely had one of the breakthrough moments I'm describing...

Leilani from Twitter knows all about those moments, though! The young woman went viral after noticing Rihanna hiding in her shadow -- literally.

Well, not "literally," I guess...

She wasn't actually standing in Leilani's shadow if we're being technical. But let's just say Leilani's shadow looks... EXACTLY LIKE RIHANNA.

Under the Twitter handle @Baelaani, Leilani tweeted the moment she was "high" and realized her shadow looks like the one who got away (from Drake).

The hilarious tweet reads,

TB (throwback) to when I was high and noticed my shadow looked like Rihanna.

The tweet quickly went viral after racking up over 63,000 retweets and 200,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

Behold the moment a very stoned Leilani noticed her shadow looks exactly like Rihanna.

Amazing, isn't it?

As usual, there were a few haters in her mentions.

But come on, this is a fucking masterpiece.

I personally have so many questions after seeing this...

For example, is that shadow single or what (asking for a friend)?!

Another burning question I have: Can Leilani put this on her resume or what? I mean, she definitely should be able to.

This kind of groundbreaking discovery is rare AF and Twitter agrees (hence the tweet interactions).

If not, she should at least be able to play Rihanna's body double in any movies she stars in (side profile shots only).

Ri, can I get a "yas, bitch?"

All jokes aside, congratulations to this young woman for being high enough to notice the resemblance of a platinum recording artist in the side profile of her shadow. That takes extremely potent marijuana to accomplish!

Just do yourself a favor and stay far away from Drake. We don't need that man humping any sidewalks.

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