Restaurant Names Drink After Man Who Leaves Bad Review About Them & It's Savage

A note for all restaurant owners: When life gives you bad TripAdvisor reviews, make new menu items. At least that's what The Old Butcher's in Bristol, UK, did after an unhappy customer known as "Wayne S." left a rather brutal review on the popular travel website. The hilarious spot named a drink after him and his 1-star review.

Before you start second guessing every restaurant review you've ever left, let's take a look at the full-length TripAdvisor post that started it all.

After his bad experience on Thursday, July 13, Wayne S. wrote,

He continued, and said,

In response to this lengthy, grammatically incorrect review, The Old Butcher's dungaree-wearing owner created a beautiful blue cocktail called "Ponce's Dungarees."

The Insta-worthy frozen bev is served in a margarita glass rather than Wayne S.'s preferred pint, and I sort of love the pettiness.

The Old Butcher's clarified its sentiments on Tuesday, July 18, in a savage Facebook post, featuring a photo of the new cocktail and a screenshot of Wayne S.'s TripAdvisor review.

They wrote,

Oh, burn.

Honestly, the Ponce's Dungarees looks really tasty. Wayne S. should be honored!