World's Unluckiest Man Gets Penis Bit By Venomous Spider For Second Time


There's unlucky, then there's bit-on-the-penis-by-a-redback-spider unlucky.

This is the latter.

A 21-year-old man was using a portable toilet when he got attacked by the venomous spider in Australia on Tuesday.

The same thing happened to him pretty much in the exact same spot only five months ago.

This incident took place on a building site in Sydney.


The man, known as Jordan, told the BBC,


Jordan said he's super concerned about using portable toilets since the last bite, but thought it was a good time to go because they'd just been cleaned. He continued,

He was taken to the hospital, treated and discharged later that day.

Jordan is due to be back to work soon. But as for doing a number two on site, he added he'll probably wait until he gets home. He said,

Laurence Grayson

Redback spiders (above) are closely related to black widows. They're often confused because of their similar red markings.

A redback bite can cause immense pain, vomiting and, in some cases, death.

However, death by redback is rare since the development of antivenom.

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