Here Are The Hilarious Reasons People Don't Have Valentines This Year

by Eitan Levine

This is the year we all own up to the fact we're going to be alone on Valentine's Day.

Let's be honest, V-Day is a dumb and overrated holiday.

Hollywood built up the expectation February 14 is supposed to be some sort of perfect yearly love festival full of romantic dinners, couples skydiving, guys who rent out entire ice skating rinks and proposals on the torch part of the Statue of Liberty (despite the fact that area has been closed for years).

In reality, none of this ever happens.

In reality, the best part of Valentine's Day is the following day when Duane Reade sells all that V-Day candy with a 70 percent discount.

Thanks to the #ReasonWhyIDoNotHaveAValentine hashtag, Twitter is fighting back against this expectation and building a community of people who not only have nothing to do on Valentine's Day, but are also PROUD to embrace their singleness.


1. You can be your own valentine!

2. Enjoy your youth, kid.

3. Pffft, Valentine's Day is for nerds.

4. It'd be the worst threesome.

5. Dude, you are alone on Valentine's Day for other reasons. That cat doesn't even want to be near you.


7. There is nothing wrong with that!

8. Yeah, that's why.

9. #GodzillaProblems.

10. Ba dum tss! We got Rodney Dangerfield over here!

11. This is too real.

BONUS: Here is a quick rundown of brands that will also be riding solo this holiday.

AHAHAHHAHAH!!! YEAH!!!!! WE DON'T NEED VALENTINE'S DAY!!! *sobs* We're all gonna die alone.