These Are All The Things People Want To Be Put In A Room With

Spoiler alert: Everything you'd expect to be on a list of things Twitter users want to be put in a room with is on this list.

The number of times I've asked myself, “What do the people of Twitter want to be locked in a room with?” is in the hundreds or probably thousands, if I really took the time and crunched the numbers.

In fact, I'll go even further and say you are lying to yourself if you thought the above paragraph made me seem too occupied with everyone else's business because I know you wonder the same thing.

We've all thought about this before, and now we finally have official answers thanks to #PleasePutMeInARoomWith trending on Twitter today.

According to the hashtag, everyone apparently wants to be locked in a room with, more or less, the same six things, and it's not like any of these things is a major shocker.

Like, nobody said “a BUNCH of bees,” or “1,000 OLIVE GARDENS” or anything like that.

But, many people said one of these six things.

1. Anything to do with One Direction

2. A bunch of fahkin pizza

3. Really cute sh*t

4. Random super-hot people



6. Carl Sagan

I mean, there was some other stuff people said -- a weird amount of people want to be in a room with Donald Trump for some reason -- but those six were the major ones. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to order $10,000 worth of pizza and a box of puppies, rent a storage closet somewhere and throw away the key.