Golden Retriever Puppies Doing Things Will Save Your Soul (Video)

Most of us are at that point in our 20s when getting a dog seems like the solution to all of our problems.

You're tired of complaining about how lonely you are, and you realize a companion is the only solution -- human or not.

So, instead of committing to a relationship, committing to the responsibility of caring for a pup seems like the better idea.

If you need further convincing that a dog is better than a human, just watch the 5-week-old Golden Retriever puppies in the video above swimming for the first time.

The pups are the latest litter at Enchanted Retrievers in Texas, where they're currently undergoing socialization programs to get them ready for their new homes.

The video below shows the pups storming a castle and diving down a slide, an obstacle given to them on their way to dinner to help them train.

If this doesn't warm your cold heart, there's simply no hope for you.

Catch more of the sweet pup-alicious action at the Enchanted Retrievers YouTube page.