Girl Got Head Stuck In A Pumpkin, Family Laughed On

Kristy Ralphs on YouTube

Being a teenager is really hard.

You have to navigate the social scenes of high school.

You have to ensure you have great grades and community service to hopefully be accepted into a college.

Your body is going through wild and exciting new changes...

And we've all gotten a pumpkin stuck on our heads, right, guys? Guys?

Rachel Ralphs was carving pumpkins with her family when she mentioned how large hers was, and she even thought her head could fit into it.

And it could, but she just couldn't get it out.

Personally? I think she looks rather gourd-geous. Gourd-geous... as in gorgeous? Get it? OK, cool.

Rachel, of Vancouver, Washington, was rocking a ponytail when she entered the pumpkin, the elastic band ensuring her captivity.

The family's reaction is pretty priceless.

While her mother Kristy Ralphs films and mentions this is absolutely going on Facebook, the eldest son is the only one who attempts to help her.

The younger son only sings about carving a belly button in the pumpkin and suggests their dad use his electric saw to cut her out.

Honestly, I'm impressed with how calm Rachel remained.

I would have already accepted my fate as the headless horseman 30 seconds into being stuck.

One of her little sisters finally goes to get their father who suggests calling the fire department.

Rachel's muffed cry of, "Nooooo!" can be head.

The video ends before the epic escape, but thanks to Rachel's dad, her head was finally freed from its Halloween-themed prison.

Kristy Ralphs on YouTube

Rachel looks quite relieved to be out of there, but the family apparently didn't learn their lesson. Her brother says in the follow-up video,

My head's smaller.

Let this be a lesson to you cool teens out there. Don't spend time with your family... It only ends with your head stuck in a pumpkin.

Wait, is that the moral of the story? What are they going to do for Thanksgiving?

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